Anmol Nonwoven
Cotton Non-Woven Laminated Fabric


Anmol Nonwoven is an innovative Embroidery Backing Non-Woven Laminated Fabric provider company in Surat, Gujarat, India. We are specializing in high performance lamination for Embroidery Backing Non-Woven fabrics more than 7 years in Surat area. Today, the Anmol Nonwoven Company provides a vast array of lamination services for different fabric products local and National Market. Our valuable clients can obtain from us a wide range of Embroidery Backing Non-Woven Laminated Fabric. We provide them at very reasonable price to our customers.

Our fabric Lamination process is both unique and versatile. We have the ability to use many and varied adhesive systems, we can laminate three fabrics together in one operation. Fabric lamination is an important segment of our business. We pride ourselves in excellent service, reliability, and attention to detail. We pioneered the use of laminated coated on Embroidery Backing Non-Woven product in the fabrics industry.

Embroidery Backing Non-Woven Laminated Fabric provider Lamination services for different fabric Embroidery Backing Non-Woven Laminated Fabric